What is “Northwest Contemporary” design?

Here at Fowler Home + Design we can imagine and create any type of home you’ve ever dreamed of. However, one of our most sought after styles is the Northwest Contemporary Style. “Northwest” and “Contemporary” are two unique styles that, when blended, create a one-of-a-kind design. Key components of the “Northwest Style” include asymmetrical floor plans, low-pitched roofs, and large overhangs. A design rooted and influenced by the climate of the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest style home aims to bring the outdoors in. To achieve this, the design starts by integrating the home with its setting, incorporating natural elements in the construction. It features an extensive use of wood on both the interior and exterior, and plenty of large windows, sometimes extending to the floor. Interior finishes are handpicked to complement the beauty of the region. Key components of the “Contemporary Style” are exposed beams, high ceilings, generally one story with large open spaces. Inspired by minimalist design, Japanese architecture and the international design movement led by Frank Lloyd Wright, this style strays from frills and ornamentation. A unique blend of materials like stone, brick, wood, glass, and steel work together beautifully to marry these styles and add plenty of character.