What is Desert Modern design?

Brasada Home.jpg

With a large part of our beautiful state of Oregon considered High Desert, knowledge of Desert Modern Architecture is a must. So, what makes homes in the desert unique? The ability to be cool during the day and stay warm in the evenings is a start. One way this can be achieved is by using materials like stone that have the ability to hold on to temperatures long past exposure. The ability to open and close up spaces with operable windows and sliding doors allows cool breezes to pass through the home and provide shelter during the hottest moments. Typically you’ll see a lot of flat roofs with generous overhangs that provide extra shade and don’t need to handle much rain. However, in Oregon’s High Desert areas the winter can bring lots of snow. Our desert homes usually have higher pitched roofs, looking more like a cabin. In all desert homes you’ll find many windows to capture the views of the wilderness. Stone and wood is heavily used in juxtaposition to all the glass. Thinking of moving to the desert or building that dream vacation home? Troy and his team have been designing Modern Desert homes for years and their expertise won’t disappoint!